No matter what type of event you are having, you can trust Morya Events to take care of the Planning, Development & Execution to ensure a successful event. We specialize in Design, Decor, Logistics, Event Linen Rental, Consulting & Catering, you can count on Morya Events to deliver the highest level of professionalism. We can assist in developing a budget, securing the venue of your dreams event & your guest to enjoy.

Birthday Celebration

Birthdays are special, whether it is your kids or spouse or your close friends & family members. We help you in making it more special by giving your personal touch and adding our expertise.

Naming Ceremony

It is one of the most beautiful memories in your life. We help you in making it more beautiful with our customized services.

Baby Shower

Motherhood is bliss and baby shower is that event which praises it. We understand how important this event in your life is and we make it more special with our services.


The Indian traditions are wonderful. The customs we follow, the way we pray to god and thank them for their giving. Munj is one such occasion, where we help you in enjoying the entire process with our services.

Weddings Ceremony

Weddings in India are grand and people always tend to make it more beautiful, more blissful. Managing lots of weddings have made us understand that each and every wedding is unique. That is what we implement in each of our wedding projects uniquely.

Family Occassions

Your family is the base, the backbone of your entire personality. Encouraging them, praising them, celebrating with them makes them feel complete. At Morya events, we understand that each and every family occasion is an event, where people celebrate togetherness and we help them in showing that.